Tazza d’Oro: Rustic Italian Flavors

Tazza_Background In February 2011, after a string of previous successes, co-owners Salvatore and Daniela Caniglia and partner Antonino Mastellone expanded their range of Little Italy offerings by opening Tazza D’Oro Coffee Lounge.

At the time, the team knew little about coffee beyond how to drink an espresso and know whether it was good. Never one to shrink from a challenge, Daniela took on the coffee shop project. They acquired a failing coffee shop, which closed on a Thursday; Tazza D’Oro opened the following Sunday, with the help of coffee guru Arnie from Café Calabria. Arnie lent Daniela his coffee scene expertise. Daniela, meanwhile, spent a few weeks in Idaho learning the science of pastry. Thanks to her crash course in baking—aided by Anne Burell, who taught her how to make biscotti, and Giada, who gave her ideas for freshly baked scones—Daniela was able to offer fresh-baked goodies, snacks, breakfast delights, and late-afternoon nibbles.

After eight months, Tazza D’Oro is proudly holding its own in the Little Italy scene. With delicious cappuccinos, espressos, homemade pastries, and paninis to tempt the tongue and revive the spirit, this traditional Italian cafeteria is a new Little Italy landmark.